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Mosquitoes are irritating biting pest that feed on human blood and spread dangerous diseases such as dengue fever, malaria, and zika virus.


1. Thermal Fogging – Spraying with a small particle smoke over large areas to disperse and penetrate deep foliage killing mosquitoes where they hide.
2. Larvacising – Larvaticide in a small particle form will be applied to ponds, stagnant drains and drainage to prevent mosquito larvae from becoming adult insects.
3. Residual Spraying - Spraying at the stagnant water, lawn and the abandoned area with larvaticide chemicals in a liquid form to destroy the breeding of larvae that are hiding in the area hard to reach.


Cockroaches are among the most undesirable pest. They are associated with filth hand unsanitary conditions. Cockroaches are known to carry strains of bacteria and contaminate food with their droppings and molted skins.


1. Residual Spray – Spraying will be conducted at the targeted area such as wash room, galley, passenger cabin and service entrance doorway.
2. Gel Baiting – By using the high-performing products targeting all prevailing pest species of cockroaches. It combines a highly attractive, proprietary gel formulation with a potent non-repellent active ingredient. Gel is applied at affected areas without compromising on food safety Suitable for use in sensitive environments.
3. Vaccuming - A vacuum with a hose is most practical for sucking up roaches from irregular surfaces and overhead. A vacuum with a rotating brush is most effective at removing roaches and more importantly, scraps upon which they feed, from carpets at cabin area.


Ants are social insects founding practically every environment. They spend most of their time searching food for their queen, her young and their non-forging colony companions. Once food is found, the ants communicate with other ants in the nest.


Spraying at food establishment and nonfood areas using water based insecticide. The insecticide used provides long residually without staining of surfaces.


Bedbugs are small, oval, brownish insects that live on the blood of animals or humans. Bedbugs do not fly but they can move quickly over floors, walls and ceilings. They may enter your home undetected through luggage, clothing, used beds and couches.


1. ULV Misting – Emitting tiny droplets of specially formulated chemical preparation into the open areas.
2. Residual Spray – Spraying at the wall perimeter systemically and regularly with Piretroid pesticide.


Rats are usually taking advantage of the existing of foods within the premises. Rats can infect the foods by releasing its urine waste. Rats are also vector of various killer diseases.


1. Baiting – Rat baits will be placed at the infested area.
2. Glue Board Trap – The trap used is disposable and will be placed in areas frequented by rats.
3. Steel Cage Trap - The trapped rats will be collected and disposed.


Flies belong to the order Diptera, meaning two wings. Because of they only have two wings, flies land often and therefore can deposit thousands of bacteria each time they land. Flies can transmit typhoid fever, cholera, dysentery and pinworm.


1. Baiting – Fly Bait is a formula containing Fly Attractant which encourages both male and female flies to remain in the treated area, thus feeding on the bait. Provide initial knockdown and reduction of fly populations.
2. ULV Misting – Emitting tiny droplets of specially formulated chemical preparation into the open areas and all potential breeding grounds and harborages for immediate extermination.
3. Electrical Trap - It comes with glue trap which is clean and effective way getting rids of flies. . It using ultra violet (UV) light technology. This recommended for restaurants, food manufacturing segments and office where hygiene, sanitation and cleanliness are prioritize.


Termites one of destructive pest can be hazard to property investment. We will inspect and survey the potential of termites attack and then we prevent the colonies from endanger either commercial, industrial or residential area, we have the solution for your termite problems.


We will advise the best pest solution to our clients suits to price that they are willing to pay. Every problem will be explained briefly in order to ensure clients know how we overcome and solve it.


We have introduced and launched a new brand service in commercial pest control which is named as Green Islamic Pest Control (GIPC) in our business by supporting our clients to create a sustainable environment for future generations. GIPC is focusing on the needs of the green and eco-friendly products used in controlling pest for clients who very particular and concern of the Halal Products.

Department of Standards Malaysia has issued a guideline on Halal Chemicals intended to treat potable water that is MS 2594: 2015. Because of this awareness, we launched a pest control activity by using natural organic ingredients which are Halal certified. The products used are natural plant-based, namely Serai Wangi (Citronella Grass).

This product is safe and does not affect skin contact. This product is very effective because of the scent of citronella which is used to control and repel ants, flies, cockroaches, rats and mosquitoes which are disliked by insect pests.

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